Rat Rods

Rat Rods


A rat rod is a style used to customize a car so that it can look like hot rods used in the early 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Some people confuse this style with a traditional hot rod that is considered to be an accurate recreation of a hot rod in that era. Also, we can say that rat rods are vehicles on which you find a good number of parts that are not essential removed. They are formed through a conglomeration of various pieces and parts from numerous makes and models, with after-market parts removed.

Initial rat rods used to be a counter-reaction to the high-priced hot rod, which was seldom driven and served for decorative purpose only. The introduction of rat rods reminded us of hot rods when the hot rod was attractive. The development of hot rod culture was facilitated by the abilities of the owner with one aim in mind: ‘driven.’ Today’s rat rods are designed to copy functionality and forms of earlier days’ hot rods. Biker, greaser, punk sub-culture and rockabilly influenced and shaped rat rodding.

Rat rods were popular in a late 1920s-1950s roadster, but a sedan. A good number of vehicles in this year were developed without hoods, fenders, bumpers and running boards. You find that their bodies usually channeled over the frame, and they are sectioned. In some rat rods, you could find their roofs chopped. Later, during the post-war era, many vehicles were built with fenders – only on a few occasions could one find a vehicle without fenders; these cars were customized according to lead sleds, low-riders, and Kustom. The work in those vehicles was the responsibility of the owner.
Today, many people use the term rat rod incorrectly because they use this word to refer any unfinished vehicle – which is not fair.


In 1972 December, the issue of Rods and Custom magazine was focused on their beater, which was considered as the traditional car models that were a cheap alternative, and they were slick and customizable. Beaters are characterized by cheap upholstering, primer covering; polished metals have caused many people to consider it as the progenitor of the rat rod.
The origin of rat rods was a subject of dispute. Different opinions were given regarding the originality of rat rods based on various perspectives. The term rat rod appeared first in an article in Hot Rod Magazine written by Gray Baskerville about the car. The Jakelopy said that the movement of these cars was easier to pin down. Jakelopy had one aim in mind, and that was to remind the world that hot rods were meant to be accessed by all people. Gray Baskerville described the hot rod rebuilt by Jakelopy as finished two years early even before the first rat rod was built.
Even the world of hot rods face mixed attitude from various individuals and parts, over the past ten to twelve years, many people have accepted rat rods in many car shows, and custom car culture as a whole. Today various cars shows include rat rods sections with the primary aim of making this event reach many audiences with more prominent coverage than before.